Restoring a Historic Property?

Consult historic home restoration contractors in Athens or Sweetwater, TN

It's natural for the original paint on historic homes to fade. Fortunately, there are ways to bring Victorian or Colonial homes back to life. Trust historic home restoration contractors at Dixie Paint Works to paint your property. We have many years of experience painting historic homes dating as far back as the 1800s.

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Preserve the charm of your historic property

Historic home painting takes skill, experience and practice. When you hire our restoration contractors, you'll feel confident knowing that we have those qualities and more. Our team will:

  • Repair minor drywall damage
  • Remove a popcorn ceiling or add texture
  • Repair decay and other minor damage on the surface
  • Import high-quality paint from Italy to complete all work
  • Research the era of the home to determine which technique to use
  • Apply stains and other protective products to extend the lifespan of the paint

The tools and techniques we use won't alter the original charm of your property.

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